About Me

Hi. I’m Kemi Oyesiku (pronounced k-emmy oyay-shi-koo).

A few words that describe me: Human. Woman. Nigerian. Writer. INFP. HSP. New Yorker. Traveler. Global Citizen. Universal Alien. Idealist.

My Interests

Arts + Crafts. Writing. Poetry. Magazines. Books. Art. British TV. Good Writing (TV, Films, Books). Sewing. Interior Design. Travel. Gardens. Ideas. Possibilities. Architecture. The Philosophical. Beauty. Nature. Barren Landscapes. Quiet. Bodies of Water. Learning. Rain. Walks. Non-Religious Spirituality. Self-Care. Words. Meditation. Tea. Exercise. Mindfulness. Personal Growth. Laughing. Cursing.

My Working Life

I’m in the process of changing careers, or rather, I’ve come back to an old love: writing. I specialize in writing about personal growth and self-care.

A life-long student of personal growth focusing on a mindful, honest and holistic approach to all areas of life. A new student of self-care.

When I say personal growth, I mean deeply getting to know who you are at all stages of life so you can be your truest self.

And by self-care I mean mindfully caring for your mind, body and spirit to find and maintain balance every day.

As I grow, I write. As I learn about and practice self-care, I write.

I also write about other things that tickle my fancy.

Current Projects

Becoming Write (personal blog on the writing life)

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